Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Return of the Viking

It's that time of year again, when we all get the chance to take a day off from our grueling work schedule and reflect on how nice a long weekend is. Then this guy comes to town. He mooches off your friends on your favorite watering hole's patio, harasses your friend Jerry for several hours, feeds you drinks at the local karaoke bar, and then subjects you to the crappiest pizza in town. The good news is, the next day, he sits in on your radio program and plays live in the studio for you.

I've uploaded this show to my mediafire site so you can join in on the fun. Come back soon Erik.

September 4, 2011

Loosin' Everyone -- Drag the River -- 2005 Live at the Green Door OKC
Party Lights -- Junior Brown -- 2005 Live at the Continental Club
It Overtakes Me -- Flaming Lips -- 2006 At War With The Mystics
Frizzle Fry -- Primus -- 1990 Frizzle Fry
Secret -- Forrest Day
Paint it Black -- The Rolling Stones -- 1966 Aftermath
Cliche -- Erik the Viking
Train Song -- Erik the Viking
The Long Cut -- Uncle Tupelo -- 1993 Anodyne
Walking Spanish -- Tom Waits -- Rain Dogs
When You're Gone -- Lucero -- 2002 Tennessee
Nighttime -- Erik the Viking
Lucky -- Warren Haynes -- 2004 Live at Bonnaroo
Why She's Acting This Way -- TVZ -- 1973 Live at the Old Quarter
Pink Moon -- Nick Drake

w/Erik Oftedahl

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