Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anniversary Show

July 18, 2010

Embrace the Sound -- Drag the River -- 2002 Closed
Gold Soundz -- Pavement -- 2010 Quarantine the Past
Oh! -- Sleater-Kinney -- 2002 One Beat
I Know There's An Answer -- Beach Boys -- 1966 Pet Sounds
What Are You Willing to Loose -- Lucero -- 2009 1372 Overton Park
--power outage--
Smoke -- Lucero -- 2009 1372 Overton Park
Beginnings -- Chicago Transit Authority -- 1969 s/t
Tired of Sex -- Weezer -- 1996 Pinkerton
Don't Try -- Built to Spill -- 2009 RSD 7"
Girlfriend is Better -- Talking Heads -- 1984 Stop Making Sense
Cocaine Blues -- Townes Van Zandt -- 1977 Live at the Old Quarter
Got to Get You Into My Life -- Beatles -- 1966 Revolver
Take Me Away -- Ween -- 1997 The Mollusk

1 Year Anniversary Spectacular
w/ T. Sydney Leonhardt, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Jason Kuehl, Benjamin J. Findley

Sunday, July 18, 2010

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway Spectacular

The second item up for giveaway tonight is this lot of used records.

- Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits
- Neil Young "Comes a Time"
- Tom Waits "Closing Time"
- The Who "Live at Leeds"
- Boxcar Willie "King of the Road"
- Herb Alpert "Going Places" and "Whipped Cream and Other Delights"

Tune in Tonight at 11pm, anybody can win! 89.7fm and

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway Spectacular

First item up for giveaway Sunday night is 2 tickets** to see Lucero and Jason Isbell & 400 Unit at the Minnesota Zoo. The show is Saturday July 31 at 7:30pm Rain or Shine.

Is there a better way to end your July?

Tune in this Sunday night, July 18 2010, at 11pm for your chance to call in to KMSU and win.

Listen Online, anywhere in the world, at

**Give away tickets not necessarily the exact tickets pictured here

Suburban Home Records Mix Tape Vol. 5

Suburban Home Records is the label many of our favorite bands call home; Drag the River, The Takers, Look Mexico, Tim Barry, Two Cow Garage are just a few of the groups making great music for this little Denver label. Every few months they put together a mixtape and send it out in their mailorders. Recently they have switched to distribution through InterPunk. So they are self-distributing this Volume of the mixtape series electronically.

Download it here.

Celebrate 1 Year!

This coming Sunday, July 18, at 11pm Embrace the Sound is Celebrating its 1 year anniversary by going live. We will attempt live radio for the first time. I'll be joined by my two favorite co-hosts, Ben and Tom, of Patrick's trivia fame. We'll chat, play some songs, take your calls requests and dedications, as well as give away a few special prizes.

Thank you for listening over the past year. KMSU is just an awesome radio station and I couldn't be happier to be a part of that community. It has been a dream come true for this young music lover, and I hope to be around for many more.

Oh No! It's DEVO!

I had a chance to voice my dis pleasures about the off stage antics at the MN Zoo DEVO show this week. I started a topic on the DEVO community page, read all about it.

There is no denying that the 70 minutes DEVO was onstage was one of the best live music performances I have ever seen. Tons of energy and a band that loves to play the music they made. But coming off a nearly 2 1/2 hour Tool show the previous Thursday, I was quite irritated by the shortness of the concert. And that the copy of Duty Now For The Future I purchased on ebay a while back had New Traditionalists inside!

Oh well, I still love DEVO...except Shout. I'll post more pics and a few vids I took in the next few days...

July 11, 2010

It's Coming Down -- Cake
Jerkin' Back and Forth -- DEVO -- New Traditionalists
Traveled Too Far -- Mike Gordon -- 2009 The Green Sparrow
Spill The Wine -- Eric Burdon and WAR -- 1970 Eric Burdon Declares WAR
Left and Leaving -- Weakerthans -- 2010 Live at Burton Cummings Theater
Be Still -- The Beach Boys -- 1968 Friends
Still Feeling Blue -- Gram Parsons -- GP
Fight For Your Right -- The Hot Rats -- 2010 Turn Ons
Panama Red -- Old and In The Way -- 1975 s/t
Crosstown Traffic -- Jimi Hendrix Experience -- Electric Ladyland
Tahiti -- Bat for Lashes -- 2006 Fur and Gold
Jeff Black Song -- Drag the River -- 2009 Bad At Breaking Up
Ain't Goin' Hony Tonkin' Anymore -- Doc & Merle Watson -- Lonesome Road
Honky Tonk Woman -- Ike & Tina Turner -- Live at Carnegie Hall
outro: Leo Kottke -- Watermelon

Old Playlists


July 4, 2010

Dance to the Music -- Sly and the Family Stone
Oh! Not You Again! -- The Heavy -- 2009 The House that Dirt Built
Breed -- Steve Earle -- 2002 Sidetracks
Gates Of Steel -- DEVO -- 1981 Freedom Of Choice
Can't Hardly Wait -- Justin Townes Earle -- 2009 Midnight at the Movies
Handshake Drugs -- Wilco -- 2004 A Ghost Is Born
He War -- Cat Power -- 2003 You Are Free
Hot Love -- T Rex -- 1971 Electric Warrior
Four Strong Winds -- Neil Young -- Comes a Time
Return -- Drag the River -- 2009 Bad at Breaking Up
Kiss the Bottle -- Jawbreaker -- 2002 etc.
Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter -- Ike & Tina Turner -- Workin' Together
Trigger, Man - Boss Hog -- 1989 Drinkin' Leechin' & Lyin'
Search and Destroy -- Peaches -- 2009 War Child Heroes Comp.
Feels Good to Feel -- The Fleshtones -- 2008 Take A Good Look
outro: Proud Mary -- Ventures

June 27, 2010

Hello It's Me -- Matthew Sweet & Susana Hoffs -- 2009 Under the Covers Vol. 2
Wheels -- Flying Burrito Brothers -- 1969 Guilded Palace of Sin
Canceled Check -- Beck -- 1997 Mutations
Late for Church -- Drive-By Truckers -- 1998 Gangstability
The La-Z-Boy 500 -- The Falcon -- 2006 Unicornography
Get a Flashlight -- Detroit -- 1990 A Brand New Testament
Dirty Business -- Dresden Dolls -- 2006 Yes, Virginia
Mama We're All Crazee Now -- Slade -- 1973 Sladest
Where Eagles Dare -- Crimson Ghosts -- 2000 13 Crimson Ghosts
The Flowers -- Regina Spektor -- 2003 Soviet Kitsch
Mary the Ice Cube -- Primus -- 2003 Animals Should Not Act Like People
Gone Daddy Gone -- Gnarls Barkley -- 2006 St. Elsewhere
I Feel It All -- Feist -- 2007 The Reminder
Baby, You're A Rich Man -- Beatles -- 1967 Magical Mystery Tour
Wasted -- Lucero -- 2000 s/t