Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome E Man

Embrace the Sound proudly welcomes E Man to the show. Thanks for sitting in and bringing the Zappa. E claims that Zappa was pissed after an Amsterdam show where he heard "Whipping Post" being screamed from the front row for the encore, and he didn't know it. They then recorded it for their 1984 album, Them or Us.

May 30, 2010

Communication Breakdown -- The Fleshtones -- 2003 Do You Swing?
Vampire Blues -- Neil Young -- On The Beach
Mongoloid -- DEVO -- 1978 Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are DEVO
Watch Out For Ronnie -- Yo La Tengo -- 2006 I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
Dancin' In The Moonlight -- Drag the River -- 2009 Primer
Remember My Name -- Jon Snodgrass -- 2009 Visitor's Band
Peachy Tuscadero -- Chad Price -- 2009 Smile Sweet Face
Wild Child -- The Doors -- The Soft Parade
Don't Wanna Be Right -- La Grecia -- 2008 On Parallels
Whipping Post -- Frank Zappa -- 1984
Graveyard Shift -- Uncle Tupelo
Sing It Again -- Beck -- Mutations

w/ E Man

KMSU Listener Appreciation Show

I knew this day was going to be huge. Never even had the chance to see the Fleshtones or The Ledge and to get that chance for free in Mankato was a real treat. It embodied the reason why I love KMSU so much, normal good people making awesome things happen in a great community. Thank you a thousand times to Tim and Shelley for all their hard work. You two do more for Mankato than the people know. Thanks also to Gully, Karen, The Red Sky Lounge, Tune Town, all the volunteers at KMSU and most of the listener! Here is a bunch of pics I was able to get that day. The best is the Legendary Stardust Cowboy playing the trumpet my Mother bought me 20 years ago, thanks Mom!!

The day started by listening to Shuffle Function and hearing a call out for a bugle. Seems as if the Ledge forgot to pack his. The old straight bugles are tough to come by, I suggested he needed to get in contact with a boy scout. I could offer my trumpet, which seemed to work well enough.

Next up was the in-store performance at Tune Town. I proper Rock-Star fashion, it started at 5pm instead of 4pm. But, what a great opportunity to spend some time browsing at the store, where I picked up an awesome Pavement DVD. After their in-store performance, which is the only in-store I've ever been to, I knew the show tonight would be one not to miss.

Then the show...The Ledge blew our socks off in only the way he can and the Altamont Boys tore it up! Down to his Dark Knights, the Ledge left the stage and stuck around to socialize and autograph whatever was handed to him. " I never autographed so many plates!" The Fleshtones ripped it up! I even got in on the push-up man schtick. Let it be known that these guys are rock stars! I can't wait for them to come back and rock Southern Minnesota again. I got some autographs and an impromptu picture with Klaus Fluoride, bass player for the Altamont Boys and founding member of the Dead Kennedys, after an extensive conversation about his daughter, his cell phone, and Embrace the Sound.

The single greatest night of music I have ever experienced in Mankato.

Exile on Main St. reissues

After almost 40 years, the Rolling Stones are once again pushing Exile on Main St. A remastered version was released and can be yours...for a price. There is a CD re-issue, 180 gram double vinyl reissue, 2 CD reissue that includes 10 bonus tracks, some unreleased, then there is a 2 CD/DVD set with a DVD containing footage from an upcoming documentary. The DVD is not available as a stand alone. And finally there is the LP/CDs/DVD combo package for the cost of a 1998 Pontiac. I'll take my copy from Hymies.

May 23, 2010

American Jesus -- Bad Religion -- 2010 30 Years Live
Whiter Shade of Pale -- The Box Tops
Queen Bitch -- David Bowie -- 1971 Hunky Dory
Jumpers -- Sleater-Kinney -- 2005 The Woods
Security -- Otis Redding -- RSD 2010 Soulful Delights comp.
Hold On -- JJ Cale -- 1976 Trubadour
Jumpin' at the Woodside -- Asleep at the Wheel -- 1974 s/t
Move it on Over -- Hank Williams -- Life to Legend
When I Grow Up -- The Beach Boys -- The Beach Boys Today!
Mr. Richard Smoker -- Ween -- 12 Golden Country Greats
That's the Way Love Goes -- Lefty Frizzell -- The Legendary
Cum On Feel The Noize -- Slade -- 1973 Sladest
Rolling Stones -- Exile On Main Street
- Rock's Off
- Happy
- Sweet Black Angel
- Ventilator Blues

You can grab a free copy of that Bad Religion Live album at their website. Just sign up for their mailing list and they'll send you a code to download it, free of charge. Currently listening to a bootleg copy of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots minus the vocal track, a different way to experience the record!

And We're Back...

It has been a while here, so many records so little time. I spent most of that time moving records to a new place. While moving is not my favorite activity, I do appreciate the opportunity for new surroundings and responsibilities. I'm up for any ideas or pictures on how to store my records. Here's what I got going on now:

I'd like something prettier. Here's a couple of old playlists:

May 16, 2010

Wait So Long -- Trampled by Turtles -- 2010 Palomino
Social Smoker -- The Takers -- 2009 Taker Easy
Is This It -- The Strokes -- 2001 Is This It
These Days -- Nico -- 1967 Chelsea Girl
Statesboro Blues -- The Allman Brothers Band -- Live at the Filmore East
Kick out the Jams -- MC5 -- 1969 Kick Out The Jams
How D'you Ride -- Slade -- 1972 Slayed?
Loosin' Everyone -- Drag the River -- Live at the Green Door OKC
I Should Be Allowed to Think -- They Might Be Giants -- 1994 John Henry
If Not For You -- Bob Dylan -- 1970 New Morning
She Came and She Touched Me -- Townes Van Zandt -- 1969 Our Mother Mountain
Naked If I Want To -- Cat Power -- 2008 Jukebox
Gutless -- Jawbreaker -- 1990 Unfun
Zombie In a Mini Skirt -- Messer Chups -- 2008 Zombie Shopping Spree
Stockholm Syndrome -- Muse -- Coachella RSD comp. (HAARP World Tour)

May 9, 2010

Rock & Roll -- The Velvet Underground -- Loaded
Things You Do To Me -- Hank III -- 2006 Straight to Hell
Hey Good Lookin' -- Hank Williams Jr. -- Hank Williams Jr. Sings the Songs of Hank Williams
Calloused Heart #2 -- Drag the River -- 2009 Primer
High Fashion Queen -- The Flying Burrito Brothers -- 1970 Burrito Deluxe
Bobo On The Corner>>Root Down -- Beastie Boys -- 1994 Ill Communication
When the Other Foot Drops, Uncle -- Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings -- 2007 100 Days, 100 Nights
Do You Realize? -- The Flaming Lips -- 2002 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
New Gods -- Meat Puppets -- 1984 Meat Puppets II
Return of the Mocker Part 1>>Hillbilly War -- Deadbolt -- 2010 Voodoo Mooshiner
Ballad of a Ladyman -- Sleater-Kinney -- 2000 All Hands On The Bad One
Return of the Mocker Part 2>>Derailed -- Deadbolt -- 2010 Voodoo Moonshiner
Bankrobber -- The Clash -- 1991 Clash on Broadway
Return of the Mocker Part 3>>Ride, Helldorados, Ride -- Deadbolt -- 2010 Voodoo Moonshiner
Life on Mars? -- Seu Jorge -- 2005 Life Aquatic Sessions
outro: Let's Go Away For Awhile -- Beach Boys

May 2, 2010

Hush -- Deep Purple -- 2010 Record Store Day comp.
What Else Is New -- Dinosaur Jr. -- 1993 Where You Been?
Gigantic -- Pixies -- 1992 Surfer Rosa
Trigger Cut/Wounded Knife -- Pavement -- 2010 Quarantine the Past
Corona -- Minutemen -- 1984 Double Nickles on the Dime
Sink Hole -- Drive-By Truckers -- 2007 Decoration Day
Don't Think Twice It's Alright -- Mike Ness -- 1999 Cheating at Solitaire
Voodoo Curse -- Deadbolt -- 1999 Voodoo Trucker
Your Cheatin' Heart -- Hank Williams -- 1978 40 Greatest Hits
Folding Chair -- Regina Spektor -- 2009 Far
Wouldn't It Be Nice -- Beach Boys -- 1966 Pet Sounds
On The Way Home -- Neil Young -- 2007 Live at Massey Hall 1971
Ex-Spectator -- Fugazi -- 2001 The Argument
Brootal -- Drag The River -- 2009 Primer

w/ T.S. Leonhardt