Monday, May 31, 2010

KMSU Listener Appreciation Show

I knew this day was going to be huge. Never even had the chance to see the Fleshtones or The Ledge and to get that chance for free in Mankato was a real treat. It embodied the reason why I love KMSU so much, normal good people making awesome things happen in a great community. Thank you a thousand times to Tim and Shelley for all their hard work. You two do more for Mankato than the people know. Thanks also to Gully, Karen, The Red Sky Lounge, Tune Town, all the volunteers at KMSU and most of the listener! Here is a bunch of pics I was able to get that day. The best is the Legendary Stardust Cowboy playing the trumpet my Mother bought me 20 years ago, thanks Mom!!

The day started by listening to Shuffle Function and hearing a call out for a bugle. Seems as if the Ledge forgot to pack his. The old straight bugles are tough to come by, I suggested he needed to get in contact with a boy scout. I could offer my trumpet, which seemed to work well enough.

Next up was the in-store performance at Tune Town. I proper Rock-Star fashion, it started at 5pm instead of 4pm. But, what a great opportunity to spend some time browsing at the store, where I picked up an awesome Pavement DVD. After their in-store performance, which is the only in-store I've ever been to, I knew the show tonight would be one not to miss.

Then the show...The Ledge blew our socks off in only the way he can and the Altamont Boys tore it up! Down to his Dark Knights, the Ledge left the stage and stuck around to socialize and autograph whatever was handed to him. " I never autographed so many plates!" The Fleshtones ripped it up! I even got in on the push-up man schtick. Let it be known that these guys are rock stars! I can't wait for them to come back and rock Southern Minnesota again. I got some autographs and an impromptu picture with Klaus Fluoride, bass player for the Altamont Boys and founding member of the Dead Kennedys, after an extensive conversation about his daughter, his cell phone, and Embrace the Sound.

The single greatest night of music I have ever experienced in Mankato.

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