Monday, April 9, 2012

We're Back!

I am still in the running for "Worst Blogger of the Year" and may have killed my chances by posting 2 months worth of playlists. Check em out. If you have playlist ideas, let me here em here or email

Had a great time with Lucero and William Elliot Whitmore at First Ave. last Wednesday. Thanks to the friends and fellow concert goers for a great time. I'll say it here, I love First Ave, such a great venue. Be sure to check out Trampled by Turtles there this Wednesday. We'll feature a grip of new tracks from their new album "Stars and Satellites" this Sunday on the show. We'll here a few from William Elliot Whitmore and Lucero, along with the usual suspects.

I also recently purchased Brett Netson's solo effort "Simple Work For The Dead". You know Brett as Guitarists for the bands Caustic Resin and Built to Spill. Can't wait to give this one a spin and get a few tracks on the air.

Til then, I'll leave you with this clip of Guy Clark, Edgar Meyer and Stuart Duncan from a 1990 performance at Austin City Limits. Enjoy!

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