Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saw this today...

Looks like Ben Nichols will be doing this benefit gig at Grumpy's NE the day before his solo gig at the entry. Good thing Dick Balls lives within spitting distance of GNE.

Speaking of that Ben Nicholas gig, My friend Erik the Viking is meeting me at KMSU studios on June 12th for an in-studio recording. Be sure to check out the show that night for a listen of that recording. I'm hoping to cut a KMSU ep for Erik and make him go see Ben.

Speaking of speaking of...had another productive session with local Mankato avant-garde troupe "That's What She Said" in the studio this last week. We were able to lay down 6 solid tracks before Zach hits the road to Peru for 2 years! Good luck to you sir. I'll try and trow some of those recordings up on this blog in the next few days.

Meanwhile, be sure to give Erik the Viking a listen and check out Blues Fest in St. Peter on June 11...Absolutely Free!!

Erik the Viking

That's What She Said

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